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In this webinar, we explored two tangibles mobile apps development achievements to favor patient relationships in healthcare. Developing a new application is something exciting. However, lifestyle & community apps conceal a noteworthy challenge.


175 billion apps are downloaded yearly, from which 25-30% are used only once after being downloaded


The average person uses 9 mobile apps per day and 30 apps per month


Only 3.4% of the users use health and fitness apps daily

Hence to develop a sustainable app, a very good understanding of users' needs and behaviors is needed. We can motivate users to keep using an application regularly by paying attention to these 4 actionable levers.

  • Compelling value proposition & elimination of pain points
  • Promotion of digital platforms
  • Engagement and sense of community
  • Scalability

We presented jointly with Roche the “Focus Me” app, addressed to the breast cancer community, and Care4me, an app we developed for the Swiss Medical network, focusing on transparency and communication between clinics and patients.


To know more about these apps and discover how we dealt with the 4 mentioned levers, we invite you to watch the webinar.


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We also want to thank all the attendees for their attention and making the event interactive.

Finally, we hope you appreciated the webinar and that it may have lighten you on this topic or even brought you to new horizons. 

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