From the summer of 2021, Ecole 42 Lausanne will offer 150 additional education positions in the developer profession. This education will be totally free and open to all without any diploma condition. Ecole 42 Lausanne will replicate the successful model of Ecole 42 Paris.

Open Web Technology and Swisscom have decided to financially support the opening of a campus 42 in Lausanne for the next 5 years. This commitment aims to participate actively in the digital transformation of Switzerland and to attract new talents thanks to a new way of learning.

Frédéric Weill, founder and CEO of Open Web Technology: "Our economy needs young people who are passionate about software development. The current excellent training system in Switzerland, which is aimed at training entrepreneurs as a priority, will be intelligently complemented by the Ecole 42".

Hans Werner, Head of Human Resources at Swisscom: "There is a serious shortage of IT specialists, especially developers, throughout Switzerland. We are pleased to support the training of IT talent in French-speaking Switzerland".

Serge Reymond, President 42 Lausanne: "I am extremely pleased with the commitment of Swisscom and Open Web Technology. It is an investment that will benefit the entire economy and also all the talent in French-speaking Switzerland. I call on other companies to support 42 Lausanne".

Ecole42 OpenWT

Ecole 42 is a school of computer science entirely free of charge, open to all without any diploma requirement and accessible from the age of 18. Its innovative pedagogy is based on Peer-to-Peer Learning and gaming, with no teacher, no courses, 100% projects and practice in order to develop technical and social skills close to the real conditions in digital companies. The aim of Ecole 42 is to enable as many young and less young people as possible to access the new jobs created by the ongoing digital transformation and thus meet the needs of a complete fringe of our economy.

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