Webinar | From digital strategy to rollout - mastering the digital transformation now

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 in GERMAN.


By now, every company is dealing with digital transformation in order to design new customer experiences, digitize processes or even develop new business models.

But where do companies stand with their digital transformation? Is there a clear strategy that is consistently implemented and monitored? Or is the transformation proceeding more opportunistically and without the necessary priority? All too often, companies leave digital transformation more to chance and do not set up an agreed, overarching and coordinated program for it.

Using the real-life example of the Swiss real estate company PSP, illustrate how a digitization strategy is created step-by-step and how it is implemented with a clear roadmap, lean governance, and a dedicated project organization.

Learn about the three cornerstones of successful digitization strategies and how Open Web Technology actively drove and accompanied the transformation process at PSP specifically based on the tenants' 'customer journey'.


German Webinar

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