The year 2020 will be a milestone for healthcare. Indeed, the electronic patient dossier will become mandatory starting April 2020. Also, investments robotics, Internet of Things, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and augmented/virtual reality said to reach more than 40 billion, it will for sure be an interesting year.

To stay in the game, traditional healthcare players must jump on the digital journey, and we must stay up to date to advise them in the best way possible. This is why last week, we held our first digital health forum in Swiss romande, at the Biopôle center for innovation in Lausanne. The goal of the event was to discuss new digital health trends and adoption by patients, hospitals and doctors.

Mischa Stamm, Entreprise Account Executive Industrie and Health at Apple, launched the event by presenting new technologies in healthcare. He explained how patient care will be improved both at the hospital and at home by new digital solutions, allowing patients to be proactive in their health.

Michael Salon Health forum

Michael Salom, Head of Digital Transformation at Swiss Medical Network, then talked about digital transformation in action. He explained the difficulties of adopting a digital solutions too early, and the challenges of changing legacy systems. Also, he talked about how by focusing on the actual user, the group managed to improve efficiency, reduce paperwork and satisfy nurses, doctors and patients. To do so, they created different dedicated apps for each user, developed together with OpenWT.

Doctor giving insights on digital transformation

Finally, Dr. Thierry Weber gave us a deep dive on the actual physicians’ ideas on digital transformation in healthcare. He talked about video consultations and patient care of the future. Cedric Debrunner supported this presentation with concrete examples, like Medgate chatbot and video consultation or the use of IoT technologies for drug administration.

Cedric Debrunner on digital transformation in health

Overall, this event gave an interesting outlook on what’s to expect in the future regarding digital health and opened the discussion to see how actors can benefit from digital. OpenWT is driving the digital transformation of healthcare in Switzerland. Contact us today at !

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