We are excited to announce our Digital Lab 'From a manual interaction to a digital journey' at the digital festival Zürich 2020.

During this session, you will get to know the cornerstones of successful digital projects. In times of volatility, proven methodologies are particularly important and provide structure and clarity. Visit us on September 17th from 14:00 till 15:30 at the Swisscom Tower 15th floor when Philippe Hefti from Open Web Technology will show you how we transform manual interactions into a digital journey and create a clickable prototype within 90 minutes.

The Digital Festival will connect digital makers in Zurich from September, 17 to 20, 2020, The objective is to bring together digital pioneers, movers, and shakers to Zurich, who challenge existing structures and think in new ways. Therefore, whether hackers, managers, scientists, programmers or CEOs, all are welcome. Over the course of four days, the aim is to combine hierarchies, functions, and industries in one place, build bridges, and create Switzerland’s most relevant, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented community.

More details on Digital Festival website

About Open Web Technology a joint venture of Swisscom  

Swisscom Digital Technology SA (SDT) is a jointventure of Swisscom operating under the Open Web Technology (OpenWT) brand.  OpenWT is a leading agile provider of digital transformation consulting services for high growth companies.

In this increasingly global and competitive market, digitization is a considerable competitive advantage and a key distinguishing characteristic. With Open Web Technology, Swisscom is continuing to expand its digitization expertise. Swisscom Digital Technology SA works very closely together with 700 engineers of Swisscom Digital Enterprise Solutions department.

With the support of Swisscom, SDT has acquired new expertise in the area of Artificial IntelligenceChatbot, and DevOps & Outsourcing as well as new customers, particularly in German-speaking Switzerland.

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