Journey to Release a Patient-Centric AI App to Reduce Public Health Costs

Data and AI are converging. Data + AI Summit Europe (formerly Spark + AI Summit) brings together thousands of data teams to learn from practitioners, leaders and innovators.

We will be presenting our Journey to Release a Patient-Centric AI App to Reduce Public Health Costs.

Health costs are exploding year by year. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible to address patient needs in a cost-efficient manner.

In the case we will present, we will demonstrate how as part of a telemedicine service we implemented a solution allowing to reduce the triage cost of patients by leveraging AI. The app we developed not only allowed to reduce cost but is significantly improving the patient experience.



We will help you face digital transformation challenges: meet patients' growing expectations, attract and retain doctors, increase productivity and adapt to changing regulations. Digitalization is an additional challenge within the healthcare industry, but at the same time, a real digital transformation will help solve many of those problems.

We will showcase the potential of digital transformation with the case of Medgate.

Medgate is a global digital healthcare company that provides services to many health insurers in Switzerland and operates the largest telemedicine center in Europe.

The physicians and skilled professionals who work for Medgate care for thousands of patients every day, referring them to the right healthcare provider at the right time when needed.

While about half of patients can be treated telemedically, the other half requires a visit to the doctor.

What if we could automatically detect whether or not a patient would benefit from a teleconsultation, and if so, direct them to the most appropriate healthcare provider? 

Tomorrow, AI enables tele-healthcare with limited human resources

Patient journey


Patient User Journey AI


Our client understood the importance and value of this idea and the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry with AI. They began their digital journey in 2016 and selected Open Web Technology as their key strategy and technology partner. 


Read more about it here as well as all our client cases. Our eHealth Services.

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