Manufacturing in the 21st Century

Digitalization has created many opportunities. Yet the complexity associated with it often seems overwhelming.
  • Initiatives aimed at reducing costs have resulted in a plethora of IT projects with no clear outcome
  • Projects are started but never finalized
  • IT is often unable to recognize the true business need
In addition, more complex supply chains, global competition and crises have made organisations realize the need to challenge the status quo.

We help our Clients navigate this complexity and help them activate the 4 levers of digitalization.

Generate new revenue streams with digital services and products

  • Use our customer centric approach to understand your value chain and identify must-do initiatives
  • Develop engaging new business models
  • Innovate your product offering while respecting your core competences

Reduce costs by optimizing your current processes

  • Reshape your current processes and remove pain points through our user centered approach
  • Eliminate waste through digitalization and lean
  • Automate or externalize processes

Capture the market by reshaping into an agile, customer centric organization

  • Adopt agile and customer centric practices taking advantage of our experience
  • Leverage the Cloud and simplify your IT initiatives
  • Advance towards Industry 4.0 by aligning digital, IT and business initiatives

Leverage deep tech breakthroughs together with our partner CSEM

  • Benefit from the know-how of a research champion in industrial innovation
  • Bring to market new technologies with our unique end-to-end digitalization offering
  • Disrupt your market with patented innovations

Transform or build the Industry 4.0 building blocks

There is no solution that fits all needs. That is why we work with your team to identify what is right for you. Take a holistic approach in your digitalization efforts by building on the three industry 4.0 foundational blocks.

Appplications and user experiences

Be a leader in manufacturing by exceeding expectations at every touchpoint for both internal and external customers. Bring them closer by employing tablets, smartphones or screen to have a seamless experience with your processes.


Enablement platforms

Boost your operations early on by identifying the right path, tools and skills for your initiatives. Boost your processes for example by employing the right IoT technology with middleware for your fleet management or maintenance processes.


Core systems

Aim for sustainable incremental change by leveraging your existing systems (ERP, MES ...). Automate the information exchange with your equipment (HMI) and shop floor to automate decision making while respecting your ERP’s features.

Enable your industry today

Maximize value, boost your productivity and foster a culture of quality. Our experts can lead your digitalisation efforts today. We have experienced specialists ready to support you in the following industries:

Discrete manufacturing

We boost operations in the medical, machine and OEM business.

For example, we reduced setup time by up to 80% and waste by 60% for Clients by digitizing their processes and applying lean methodologies.


Continuous manufacturing

We help organizations optimize their processes to boost productivity and simplify decision making.

For example, we improved by 30% the equipment availability at a Client and enable real-time traceability on the shop-floor.


Industry services and integration

We help Client extend their value chain by identifying topics central to their customers and close to their core business.

For example, we paved the way for new service offerings at our Clients : preventive maintenance, efficiency consulting, targeted R&D.

The only end-to-end digital service provider in Switzerland

Our 200 experts are committed at providing you the best for your industry. That is why we leverage on request application experts of the Swisscom group. Avoid the hassle of finding the right people. ERP (SAP, Dynamics), Connectivity, etc are all under one roof.
innovative solutions

Create innovative solutions with our technological partners

If specific technology or engneering is required we can provide support through our partnership with CSEM offering innovative technological advancement to your organization.

Delivering a privacy-by-design approach

Feel safe by knowing that we are ISO 13485 certified and have an internal Data privacy practices.

Take advantage of our vast relationships in Switzerland

By being this well connected we are able to provide you with a comprehensive digital solution.

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