Go Digital with an employee app

Today more than ever, companies have to be more appealing to their employees to retain them. Employees want trust, flexibility and the ability to work anytime, anywhere. Having an employee app helps cultivate a strong internal brand and team spirit, but it can also do so much more.

Work from

anywhere, anytime

Over the last ten years, remote work has increased by more than 90%. With globalization, it is important for workers and companies to adapt to a changing world. But handling multiple devices and connecting to multiple softwares can be cumbersome and time consuming.


Increase security, but also

satisfaction and efficiency

Employees however are looking for more than just security: teamwork, collaboration and team building is becoming very important. Today more than ever a strong team spirit has to be fostered, to improve employee’s sentiment of belonging and, as a result increase retention.


Working from anywhere

but staying social with your team

With the variety of location people can work from today, be it multiple offices, frequent travels or home office, it becomes harder to maintain a strong team spirit, and it's easy for someone to feel isolated from their company. An employee app is a good way to maintain the social bond between coworkers and foster team spirit.

Go Digital with Open Web Technology

Open Web Technology supports you in designing your employee app. From listing the functionalities to prioritizing them and developing the final solution, we help you go digital in your way of working every step of the way.

Why an app?

In Switzerland, more than 80% of the population owns a smartphone. Downloading an app takes only a few minutes, and people always have their phone with them. It allows collaborators to have a toolkit of everything they need at their fingertips. Thanks to that they are able to quickly set up their environment to work from anywhere!
Frédéric Weill
From the moment we've made our employee app available for all our collaborators, we noticed people working more efficiently and collaborating more. When the coronavirus crisis arrived in Switzerland, we were able to rapidly adapt to our new structure, and become more efficient than ever in no time.

Frédéric Weill, CEO

4 Opportunities for companies


Improve your team organisation

By offering everything in the hands of your employees

Interact with your team

By communicating and collaborating in real-time

Engage with the company

By sharing news, exchanging feedback, etc...

Benefit of your facilities

By offering live infos on your facilities

An employee app will bring...



An employee app enhances the team’s productivity by enabling intra sites or remote working as well as an overview of the team activities.



An employee app enables 360° feedback, instant communication and the possibility to reach the entire workforce, in a fun practical way.


Employee satisfaction

It fosters employee engagement and therefore increases retention. It also facilitates new joiner onboarding giving them a direct sentiment of belonging.

How to get your Employee Application

We have developed our secret sauce to conceive, develop, and rollout successfully your employee application. Find out how we can help you in your digital transformation journey here.

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