Reduce costs and risks with Electronic Signature

Electronic signature solutions offer a fast and secure way to sign contracts, manage legal documents and do transactions in a highly digital world. Digitizing the signature process provides better user experience and helps reduce costs and risks.

New legal framework as a

growth driver

In the last few years, the electronic identification and signature have been established and regulated. The EU regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, eIDAS, and the Swiss Federal Law on the electronic signature, ZertES, are a strong growth driver for electronic signature.


QES as a

legal evidence

The digital signature standard with the highest assurance level and legal value is known as the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) standard. When digitally signing a transaction or contract, a QES is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature in all EU countries, where the regulation is enforced.


Real-time and

global availability

Agreements are available at all times to all signatories through a dedicated user portal. Anyone authorized to sign an agreement can do it from anywhere around the globe.

Go Digital with Open Web Technology

OpenWT supports you in establishing an end-to-end electronic signature solution: From designing and implementing a customized user platform and writing an integration concept to the actual integration of identification and electronic signing services.

4 Opportunities for companies


Reduce costs

By improving the efficiency of the internal processes

Improve user experience

By providing a user centric experience to signatories

Reduce risks

By keeping contract data digitally


By digitizing an outdated manual procedure
Markus Almer on Digital Signature
Having a digital signature solution is the future for all industries. Besides the business advantages of significantly reducing costs and shorten processes while reducing risks, clients will simply demand an effortless end-to-end digital customer experience with legally binding contracts and documents.

Markus Almer, Partner

A streamlined signature process will bring...


Time-efficient process

The process of signing documents can be significantly shortened by eliminating manual steps like printing, physical signing, sending documents via post or validating and scanning documents returned by a third signatory.


Full availability of data

With an electronic signature solution, you have the important data always at hand. No matter where or when, key roles can conclude a deal through a mobile device within seconds. Thereby, you reduce your time to market and create a competitive advantage.


High cost reductions

Administrative overhead is reduced, and your skilled employees can focus on their valuable core competencies. Reduce your ecological footprint through eliminated printing and logistic expenses.

Your journey to Electronic Signature

Business process alignment

We analyse the AS-IS process of our Clients and support the definition of the TO-BE process as well as the implementation planning.
Business alignment


Identify our Client’s target users by outlining the different online behaviors and user habits specific to their industry, to then define and design a tailor-made digital solution.

Integration concept

We offer advice on conceptual elements and procedures and, if required, also take on co-authorship.
Integration concept

Development & integration

Our teams work by segmenting complex technical solutions in well specified tasks that will be delivered week after week according to the agreed timeline.

Application outsourcing

Once our Client’s digital solution has been successfully developed and rolled-out, we support them in operating and maintaining it both from a business and technical perspective.
Application outsourcing

Partner of Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is the only European provider to offer a qualified electronic signature in the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Regulation) as well as Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). As the leading provider of trust services in Europe, Swisscom Trust Services enables its partners to deliver pan-European digital innovations by providing identity-based services that can be completely digital without media disruption. To do this, users first need to be uniquely identified and registered. Companies can provide this flexibly via several channels with the Smart Registration Service (SRS), for example SRS Video, SRS Bank or SRS Direct. They can then use the Signature Service to add an electronic signature to their business solutions - naturally taking into account industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. This enables the customer-friendly digitization of processes that are subject to the written form requirement. Swisscom Trust Services AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom, the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland.

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