Healthcare in a digital world

With our extensive understanding in healthcare, we have experienced first-hand how digital technology is revolutionizing patient care and improving the overall experience for doctors, nurses and patients. In fact, digitalization has become fundamental for this industry for the following reasons:
Control and transparency

More control and transparency

Patients expect more transparency and more control through their end-to-end health experience. Therefore, digital touchpoints need to be created to transform the patient journey and enable access to healthcare services 24/7 through mobile and web apps.
New technology

Leveraging automation and new technologies

The sector is under tremendous pressure to save costs and become more efficient by streamlining processes. New technologies such as artificial intelligence offer an excellent opportunity to decrease costs significantly and automate admin tasks.
However, digitalization in healthcare does not come without challenges. Data Privacy, quality standards and outdated IT-Systems are just a few of the many points which need to be considered when developing digital solutions in healthcare.

We at OpenWT have worked on over 150 healthcare projects in a wide spectrum of end-to-end services helping hospitals, clinics, Medtech, labs, insurance companies and other healthcare actors. Therefore we understand well the challenges faced today by the healthcare industry and that will arise tomorrow for all the industry actors.

Our Expertise

Our Secret Sauce is the results of decades of experience in software development in various industries. Our modern software factory allows to rapidly deliver over 300 high quality projects per year whilst being cost-effective.
Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Making it easy and simple for patients to navigate through the complex world of healthcare.

Operational Optimization

Operational Optimization

Helping doctors and nurses concentrate more on patients than on administration and tools.

Developing Services

Developing Services

Healthcare actors require a flexible and open architecture to contribute and collaborate with their partners in an ecosystem.

Anthony Dyson, Medgate’s CIO
“Open Web Technology has extensive experience managing complex technology projects and driving digitalization within the healthcare field. The combination of this with their strengths in solution development and familiarity with machine learning and data science, made them an ideal partner for Medgate.”

Anthony Dyson, Medgate’s CIO

Medical grade software provider

While driving for excellence, we set the highest standards for ourselves and are not satisfied before providing outstanding solutions for our clients. In particular, when it comes to our Healthcare Excellence Practice we are proud of having prioritized security & quality in all our projects.

OpenWT clearly stands out in the Swiss ecosystem by:

Our QMS is ISO 13485 certified

OpenWT is one of the very few companies to be ISO 13485 certified in Switzerland, offering healthcare and MedTech companies the ability to deliver medical-grade software and reduce their administrative burden when outsourcing their development activities to a third party.

We employ a privacy-by-design approach

Our Data Privacy practise focuses on making privacy an asset rather than a debt. Thereby, we create privacy-by-design solutions with a deep knowledge in implementing data protection and privacy governance structures.

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