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Globally, HealthTech is growing rapidly. Traditional healthcare players must jump on the digital journey to stay in the game. At OpenWT, we ensure an ideal eHealth experience by driving the adoption and integration of HL7 FHIR for the exchange of medical data. Our FHIR based solutions are the link between different health institutions and the patients. Combined with our established experience in healthcare digitalization, we provide seamless experiences, answering today’s expectations of a patient journey.

A fully digital patient journey

Pre stay

Understand and identify your symptoms with AI and plan your doctor consultation via a simple app.
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Admission & Stay

Have a fluent experience, supported by available medical staff not drowned in paper work and get a wow experience.
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Post stay

Manage your appointments, find information on your disease, find recommendation and advices from other patients or professionals.
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Markus Almer
The Swiss healthcare sector is facing several challenges: meet patients' growing expectations, attract and retain doctors, increase productivity and adapt to changing regulations. Digitalization is an additional challenge, but at the same time a real digital transformation will help solve many of those problems.

Markus ALMER, Partner, Zurich

4 Opportunities for the industry


Reduce costs

By improving the efficiency of your internal processes

Please patients

By providing user centric and modern “wow” experiences

Support partner

By generating added value to doctors


By building a digital transformation culture

Healthcare and HL7 FHIR standard

Sharing medical data is now essential to guarantee quality and coordinated care. Our expertise in HL7 FHIR, a modern web-based standard, allows you to benefit from the integration of cross-platforms applications. Time-consuming and low-value tasks like document-based medical data exchanges are removed. This opens the door for you to better assisted decision and diagnosis making, potential introduction of patient-generated health data, more transparency and globally to better healthcare outcomes.

4 Benefits of integrating HL7 FHIR in your landscape

electronic folder

Data at hand

By improving medical data availability and exchange
good client experience

Give ownership

By letting patients take ownership of their healthcare and make better decisions

Custom healthcare

By developing custom applications to answer your needs, as OpenWT excels in
artificial intelligence

AI Ready

By taking advantage of assisted diagnosis, patient triage, data analytics and much more

Healthcare and Mobile Apps

Mobile Applications have changed our lifes and is transforming healthcare. Apps will be part of the digital transformation in the interaction between the patients and doctors. This is what we take care of at Open Web Technology. Read our mobile app development client cases in the health industry.

Healthcare and Artificial Intelligence

Today, AI already plays a key role in our daily lives. It has been proved capable of introducing new sources of growth, changing how work is done and helping you to better serve your patient doctors and nurses. The challenge is how to achieve the integration of Artificial Intelligence in your business. Find out how we have done it for other clients by reading our AI cases.

4 Digital Technology Trends in time of COVID

After the pandemic crisis, eHealth adoption has increased. Indeed, the context of this pandemic has made patients and health workers realize the problems linked to the current system. From long waits at the emergency rooms to the fear of getting even sicker by visiting a doctor, those problems can be diminished with 4 eHealth digital trends.

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