Privacy compliance is an imperative for a successful digital transformation

OpenWT team brings a strong value proposition to fill the gap and beat the circle of distrust, ensuring not only the regulatory compliance to Swiss data protection laws and GDPR, but upscaling for its clients business opportunities based on modern data-driven product and service offerings.

All industries are concerned

From Digital Health, to Financial Services, Insurances, Retail, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Real Estate, eCommerce or Public Services, data privacy should be integrated at the early stage of the design of the digital solutions, to ensure a stronger and more cost-effective protection for personal data privacy.

4 Privacy pillars to foster innovation and trust

data privacy principles

Understanding the data privacy principles

Learning the best practices in Data Privacy to mitigate privacy risks and comply with industry specific regulations and Privacy Laws, including GDPR and Swiss DPA
data privacy and compliance strategy

Defining your data privacy & compliance strategy

Determining your tailor-made data privacy compliance strategy and governance, based on digital-ethics and privacy-by-design principles
privacy first

Designing the digital solutions in a privacy-first approach

Applying a privacy engineering approach from the very beginning of the solution's design and specification
data governance

Ensuring your data privacy governance and compliance continued success

Enforcing corporate-level processes, roles, metrics and tools to manage personal data in compliance with standards and regulations, and establish a digital ethics culture
Pierre Mikael Legris
Privacy engineering requires a mindset shift. Privacy compliance cannot be fixed by bolting it on with a “patch”. Next generation privacy-proven architectures are built by open-minded engineers that understand the key Data Privacy principles and can turn privacy requirements into technical realities: spanning through the product design lifecycle and organizational data governance.

Pierre-Mikael Legris, Associate Partner at OpenWT and co-founder of Pryv

Evelina Georgieva
The concept of Privacy-by-Design no longer belongs to the IT and legal departments only but is an essential cross-department factor to drive business success. Reinforcing data privacy culture to foster digital trust is key to unlock access to data and use it purposefully to design advanced business models.

Evelina Georgieva, Associate Partner at OpenWT and co-founder of Pryv

3 Reasons to choose Open Web Technology as your Data Privacy Partner

our methodology


Our well-established methodology has been proven effective among leading companies in various industries to safeguard personal data and build trust with the users

Skilled Team & Expertise

At a time of a global shortage of data privacy expertise, we provide a multidisciplinary team to deep-dive in your architecture, design data privacy and governance compliance solutions and effectively use and process personal data

Building Trust with Users

You benefit from distinguished expertise to leverage best in class privacy and data governance solutions and tools to ensure your data compliance and build ''trust through data privacy'' with your users

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