Traditionally IT departments have been operating in silos. DEV, QA and Operation teams worked disconnected from each other, passing the result of their work to the next piece in the software delivery pipeline. This way of working was very inefficient, resulting in software with low quality and long delivery cycles. 

Agile methodologies have been doing a good job at breaking those silos for the Product team (Product owners, UX designers, QA engineers and Software developers). However, there has been still a disconnection between the Development team, in charge of building the software, and the Operations team, in charge of deploying and operating that software. 

In the recent years a new movement called DevOps has emerged to bridge this gap between Development and Operations teams. DevOps is about collaboration and communication between Developers and Operations while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. 

DevOps Cycle

The DevOps Lifecycle

We, at OpenWT, have been embracing this movement, delivering internal and external projects with our own DevOps team and guiding Clients on their DevOps transformation journey. 


DevOps has two big pillars (i) the collaboration and communication across Dev and Ops teams and (ii) the tooling to automate and operate the software delivery process. Our teams contain a mix of roles to help you on both sides of the balance.

  • DevOps masters: Similar to a SCRUM master in SCRUM, DevOps masters coach DevOps teams, helping them collaborate, communicate and work more efficiently as a team. DevOps masters explain and embrace the keys of a DevOps culture, facilitate the interactions across the teams and remove impediments to help the team progress faster.
  • DevOps technical evangelist: Infrastructure as Code, Automated testing, Continuous Delivery, PaaS and Cloud solutions are part of the Swiss Army Knife of our technical evangelist. Our teams will not only implement a fast and reliable software delivery pipeline but will also coach you along the way so you can maintain and replicate the solutions.

Thanks to this unique mix of consulting and technical expertise, OpenWT can help you master both pillars and make your DevOps journey a success


Our approached has helped several clients successfully embrace and adopt DevOps. Whether they are using PaaS solutions such as Swisscom App Cloud, using Cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services or using their own datacenters, our clients are now equipped with the skills and tools to delivery software faster, more frequently and with higher quality.

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