Using our innovation process to crystalize new ideas

At Open Web Technology, we always search for innovation and we encourage our employees to bring up new ideas. To support this philosophy, we even have an innovation process to stimulate our creativity and entrepreneurship. We use gamification for this process, which takes the form of a contest. Every volunteer brings up an idea, submit it, and then present it to the jury. After that, we vote for the best idea, and we implement it either for our client or for us.


Startup stories

Seamless hotel booking process for every employee

The winning idea of the last innovation process is a virtual travel agency. As a consulting company, employees are often traveling to client sites, and until now, the hotel booking process was to book a hotel via a booking platform. It means that the employee had to enter every detail, such as the date, the number of people traveling, the discount code, etc. Another pain point was to remember to book a hotel for every trip, and preferably earlier than the day before to ensure that the availability is still high.

Anticipating the employee’s travels

We decided to implement this contest-winning idea in our existing company’s chatbot. It already includes some really nice features, like knowing your staffing, ask “who is” one of your colleague, our employee reward program, and a nice initiative to promote sport, amongst many others. Our new virtual travel agency allows two things to ease the pain of travel booking: remind the employee of an upcoming trip (via prediction) and book a hotel directly via our company chatbot. These two new options for the employees allow them to forget about an upcoming trip, get reminded, and book a hotel in seconds . No more hassle to book a hotel, no more sticky notes to remind themselves to do it, no more search for company discount codes, all is done directely within our OpenWT Digital Assistant (our employee app and enterprise chat).

We used an iterative journey to achieve the completion of our solution

  • We started by a conception phase (Blueprint) to understand the specific needs of our employees
  • Planification of the development with the estimation of the work to be done
  • Two sprints of 2 weeks, helped by our Da-Nang office

Digital Assistant and Employee App

You can find more information here on Employee Apps and Digital Assistants


of accomodation expense

8 days

Reservations are made 8 days earlier in average


Users of the virtual travel agency

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