Our client Wingo, the telecommunications provider targeted to digitally savvy, younger consumers, was looking into expanding its offering with mobile telecommunication, thus preparing the launch of the Wingo Mobile brand. This new product was envisioned as a lightweight online-only mobile subscription, decreasing distribution costs and support and providing a better user experience to their customers.

With this goal in mind, Open Web Technology was approached to support Wingo in the design and development of its online touchpoints, including an informative website, a streamlined online shopping experience, and a comprehensive customer portal.


In order to develop and deliver all the required systems in the short timeline provided we followed our proven methodology with following steps:

  1. Definition of Scope, Requirements and UI/UX: Together with Wingo online team we defined the scope of the solution through a functionality matrix, clarified requirements in the form of user stories and created visual designs to validate the User Interface and User Experience of the application.
  2. Agile Development with Short Feedback Cycles: In sprints of two weeks, our development team implemented the prioritized user stories, deploying incremental improvements to be reviewed directly with Wingo's project team.
  3. Testing and Deployment: In order to ensure that all online portals are able to support the high load of a nation-wide campaign on launch day, our team executed comprehensive security and load tests before go-live. Furthermore, OpenWT supported end-to-end testing efforts on the platform to make sure everything would work once end-customers started ordering


Working closely together with Wingo's project team we have been able to deliver in a short frame of time a comprehensive online presence that will allow Wingo Mobile's customers to fully unlock the potential of this new product.

We would like to congratulate Wingo on this very important step and look forward to their success in the mobile market!

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