Our Client, the largest online dating portals in Switzerland, was experiencing an erosion of its users base. Open Web Technology was approached to re-design the business and the platform to deliver a complete new online experience to users.


The team focused on four strategic areas:

1. User Experience

Our team developed a set of detailed, innovative personas. We derived from there a functionality matrix and a brand new user interface.

2. Platform Architecture

In order to minimize time to market and optimize development cost, we decided to leverage an existing social network open source framework, which would be adapted and tailored to cater for our client’s needs. The platform’s architecture was created around a robust API that allows access to the site from different devices, e.g. mobile phones, tablets or desktops.

3. New Service Offering

We contributed to improve our client’s marketing activities implementing more accurate customer analytics and establishing more effective communication processes, giving clients access to better information on their existing customer base.


The new look and feel and advanced usability have not only improved the on-site user experience, but has also aligned the website with its value proposition. It is available on

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