Go Digital or die

Our Client is an historic actor in the swiss opinion and market research sector, with more than 40 years of activity. Over the years, the company developped a high level of expertise and a strong reputation of excellence with its own clients. However, the weight of years can also become a burden as their digital adoption and offering was too modest. They approached us to help them define a strategy to reposition themself and accelerate their digital transformation.

Shaping the company’s digital future

Based on our client’s understanding and our digital expertise, we identified several opportunities to seize in the opinion and market research sector. Together with them, we defined three projects to prioritize, we established a detailed roadmap and we determined the governance needed to succesfully implement them. Today, our Client has in his hands all the resources necessary to move from words to deeds and become a digital leader in his sector!

Iterative journey

  • Investigate current digital ecosystem and initiatives by interviewing stakeholders.
  • Identify end-users’ painpoints and expectations.
  • Explore and assess competion best practices.
  • Brainstorm and classify ideas based on the identified priorities.
  • Formalize ideas into reasonably sized projects with actionnable roadmaps.
  • Propose a governance model to put in place for a smooth establishment of the new digital roadmap.


digital initiatives identified


Months roadmap defined to become a digital leader in the sector


Commitment from the Client team to go forward with the proposed initiatives

Your contact

Cédric Debrunner
Partner and Head of Sales
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