Our Client, a well-known restaurant in the heart of Geneva, asked us to develop a tailor-made mobile application which would change the interaction with its customers. Realizing that the service processes like reservation, order, and payment, are time-consuming and often difficult to anticipate for staff and customers, the Client was looking for ways on how to improve in this field.

The idea came up to simplify and accelerate the restaurant processes for both customer and staff, allowing a better customer experience and accelerating the tasks done by the staff.

Open Web Technology was approached to design and develop this mobile application with the objective of transforming the current restaurant's processes while increasing the customers' digital experience and engagement.


To deliver the best possible results for our Client, we used an agile methodology that enabled the client to be fully involved in the development process.

1- Process and Engagement Model
Before kicking off the development, we started with a short blueprint phase, where we defined the functionalities of the application while prioritizing them in a sprint roadmap. 

2- Technology Stack
The application would be developed within a hybrid front-end framework. For the back-end services, the Swisscom App Cloud solution was used. Several third-party APIs were chosen to provide the end customer the best possible user experience, such as GuestOnline for the reservation function, iKentoo for the point of sale management and Datatrans for the payment processing.

3- Collaboration and Communication
The project requested not only a good collaboration with the Client but also a timely communication with several third parties. To accelerate the development process, we often worked on-site at the client's office to boost communication.


Thanks to the work of Open Web Technology, our Client was able to redefine his business processes in a young, innovative way.

Their customers can now view, order and pay their bills right from the phone, which is something that resonated very well with them. Even staff, first being a bit reserved towards the changes, quickly realized which exciting possibilities opened up to them, since they are now able to provide a more customized service, and don't have to deal with administrative work, such as taking reservations and payments.

third-party APIs
faster booking process
revenue made on the app so far

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