Our client, a global provider of high-quality coolants and cutting oils for tool machining based in Switzerland, realized the need to address digitization and had already started a preliminary analysis of the key areas. The main elements were to focus on the customer experience and to offer value innovations, in order to differentiate the company from overseas competition and to reposition the company as a partner to its clients.

As the necessity to redefine and strengthen the client's digital vision became apparent, Open Web Technology was asked by the client to consolidate existing ideas and initiatives and create a digital strategy. We completed the ideas by adding current technological trends, such as Industry 4.0, Augmented Reality and AI, with the objective to create an actionable roadmap for implementation.


Based on Open Web Technology's experience with clients facing similar challenges, our team proposed a proven methodology that focuses on delivering concrete results at each step of the process:

  1. Defining the Digital Framework
    As a first step, our team presented an overview of the client's current status regarding digitization. The goal of this discussion was to define an overarching digital vision based on tangible, core propositions which can further help to validate new digital initiatives and ideas.

  2. Consolidating existing ideas and initiatives
    By conducting interviews with key stakeholders from Switzerland as well as overseas locations, our team was able to gather all relevant ideas and initiatives within the company. During the following consolidation, we enriched with technological trends and pointed out dependencies, as well as KPIs, for each identified key initiative.

  3. Creating a Prioritized Roadmap
    As each area included a sub-set of proposed projects, a prioritized roadmap based on the defined KPIs and a feasibility analysis was key for implementation.

  4. Proposing a Project Governance
    In order to help our client during implementation of the roadmap, we proposed an agile organization that has been proven to efficiently deliver digital transformation projects.


In only a few weeks, Open Web Technology successfully redefined the client's digital strategy, which included five key initiatives with an actionable 2-years roadmap for implementation.

Our client will be able to immediately benefit from the execution of two identified quick-wins and has been enabled to keep an agile pace during the entire digital transformation process.

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