Atupri, a renowned Swiss health insurance company, was looking for a new partner to re-launch their corporate website. Having run their website on an outdated version of a content management system (CMS) before, they were seeking a modern, future-proof alternative.

Open Web Technology was approached to consult the Marketing department, evaluate a suitable CMS, and run the blueprint and development phase. This project was part of a larger initiative at Atupri that aimed at re-positioning and re-launching their corporate brand.


Our mandate involved three phases: We started with a CMS evaluation and functionality analysis, then performed a blueprint phase, and finally run the actual implementation and delivery phase.

CMS evaluation and functionality analysis

In a first stage, we analyzed the current functionalities and structures of the existing Atupri website. Based on that, we derived the key functionalities and requirements of the new website. With the help of personas and user journeys we identified – together with the client – future use cases on the new website. Based on our knowledge and experience, we were able to provide the client with best practices from the insurance and other industries.

With that in mind, we performed a thorough analysis of the enterprise CMS market and proposed the most suitable system to the client – open source CMS Drupal 8 in this case.

Blueprint phase

In a next stage, we developed low-fidelity wireframes that then were used by the branding agency as a basis for the visual mockups. In several workshops with the client and the branding agency we refined the information architecture and derived the relevant page types and website elements. This led us to a functional specification that later served as a basis for our developers.

In parallel, we assessed the feasibility of the requirements with the envisioned content management system, Drupal 8.

Development phase

With the visual mockups and the functional specification at hand, we started implementing the corporate website on Drupal 8. Like in many other development projects, we followed an agile approach: After three weeks of implementation, we were able to deliver a first release (sprint 1) with a rough website framework that allowed the customer to give feedback early on.

We delivered the full scope of the content management system within four main sprints, while gathering constant feedback from the client and being able to react accordingly.


The Drupal 8 CMS that we implemented allows authors to easily put together product pages, content pages, blog entries, and further content. At the same time, the built-in multi-language features allow for simple translation from German into French and Italian.

With the launch of the new corporate website in October 2016, Atupri has a modern and flexible enterprise CMS at hand that is fully responsive. With the numerous extensions and modules available for Drupal 8, Atupri will be able to further expand the range of features on their website.

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