Paper-based management processes slow

Our client, a leading helicopter operator, realized that their paper-based management processes were too slow to keep up with the growing demand for private flights. Open Web Technology was approached to digitalize their business processes with the objective to streamline the different customer-facing processes and to improve the quality of client's interactions.


The team leveraged as operating platform and used an iterative three step approachability

1. Business processes analyse
We analyzed the current business processes, looking for bottlenecks and areas of improvement. We quickly realized that most of the tasks could be automated and other tasks would not be needed at all. We were able to confirm these assumptions directly with the client using design wireframes.

2. User Centric Design
In this design phase, we are obsessional about making sure that the user experience is at the center of all decisions. We know that providing a simple, enriching and consistent experience across all channels is key for success.

3. Step-by-Step delivery
Whatever the level of complexity, we strongly believe in a step-by-step approach to achieving great goals. That's the way we work with our Clients: we design and launch; we experiment and measure; we adapt and start again.



Reduction of admin time, thanks to simplification of tasks and automation of recurrent tasks

Our client appreciated the reduction of admin time, thanks to simplification of tasks and automation of recurrent tasks, such as email generation. Usual mistakes and oversights were avoided through the use of alert and warning systems for taxes, slots reservation, customs, etc. Moreover, management of pilots, helicopters and maintenance crew was optimized through automated and dynamic scheduling systems. A fully customized set of meaningful dashboards and report solutions now provide the management team with a better view and understanding of the business.

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