Expanding the offering to answer growing customer demand

Wingo is a digital telecom provider which mainly offers its services through online channels and has a non-binding contract principle with premium services such as roaming and unlimited national data.
Wingo, as a brand, was launched in 2014 by Swisscom to explore new opportunities in the telecommunication market. It has been in charge for managing third-brand offerings including DSL internet and telephony.
For the end of the year 2018, they wanted to sell mobile phones through their digital touchpoints while keeping their sales funnel simple for existing and new customers. This new offering completes the large panel of products proposed by Wingo to address their young customers’ needs: affordable mobile phone plans through instalments payment.

What’s new for Wingo customers

New customers are now able to order a phone online along with their sim card. Existing customers can combine a new phone with their current subscription plan through the selfcare in the blink of an eye. The selfcare is a space to centralize the “Device Deal” interactions where customers may access their mobile phone information, initiate phone reparations and terminate their device contract.

Our steps to a successful product launch

Since 2014, OpenWT has been a key business partner of Wingo by supporting the development of the company and its products along with its online and offline channels.
Within a few weeks, the “Device Deal” was brought to the light, by including this feature in the customer selfcare, the online sales platform and the Wingo website in a dash.
This has only been possible thanks to a solid architecture and the good collaboration with the Wingo team. The solution has been integrated with Swisscom’s backend system in order to:

  • propose only available devices
  • pay the device online
  • trigger logistic processes as soon as the order has been validated
  • track and manage the order online

Digital Certification

We are also proud that Wingo is the first telecom provider using DIS, a Digital Identification solution provided by Swisscom.


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proven accuracy

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