Our client, a leader in the Telecommunication Industry in Switzerland, was looking into using Swisscom Application Cloud to improve scalability and resilience in their applications and reduce total cost of ownership. Unfortunately, their software delivery teams had not yet worked with Cloud Foundry, product that powers Swisscom Application Cloud, and lacked the necessary knowledge to adapt their applications to run on Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions.

OpenWT was brought in to help successfully migrate their current applications to the Swisscom Application Cloud and prepare their development teams for future cloud application development.


Our team of architects and consultants, in collaboration with the client team, followed a three phases apporach in order to reach these goals:

  1. Assessment: During this first phase, OpenWT analyzed the application architecture and interviewed the development team, while documenting the gaps found during the process.

  2. Educate and propose: Based on the output of the first phase, we established a series of workshops to close that gap. The workshops covered architecture principles based on twelve factors and micro-services, as well as its direct application on Swisscom Application Cloud. During the workshops, our teams performed several demos that helped the teams understand the concepts. Moreover, the decisions achieved together during those workshops helped establish a migration plan of the current applications to the cloud, specifying the priorities and timelines.

  3. Support and follow up: Theory is nothing without practice. We helped the teams apply the discussed concepts and coached them in the migration of their current legacy applications. Together with them, we re-architected the current applications to fully benefit from the Swisscom Application Cloud.


In only 2 months, we helped our client build up a development team with strong skills in cloud application development and know-how to apply these methods in order to migrate applications into the Swisscom Application Cloud.  The first applications have already been deployed and are running on this platform. With the defined migration plan the client is now looking forward to clearer infrastructure costs and quicker deployment of applications provided by the cloud.

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