This portal is used by most Swiss Telecommunication Service Providers (TSPs)

Teldas provides access and maintains the central database for Swiss service & directory numbers to provide routing and billing information, as well as for geographical and mobile ported numbers for routing purposes. In addition, the central platform ensures efficient administration of the processes with information exchange and order validation among the involved parties. If you changed from one operator to another and kept the same number, it is thanks to Teldas.

To deploy a new solution, all current TSPs must work together to define the expectations, pain points and roadmap of a multi-channel refactoring, orchestrated by Teldas and OpenWT.

The transition to cutting edge technology

The current solution lacks in many fields such as business flexibility, technical and simplicity.

Our strategy aims to solve these issues while keeping the service active for TSPs to use: A whole new architecture using web services along with a brand-new user interface and state of the art deployment standards. Vulnerabilities of outdated software and libraries will be solved and security and maintenance will be improved greatly.

The manual interface has been vastly simplified using material and latest user experience enhancing interface. More liberty of action has thus been granted to each user, decreasing the need to contact the helpdesk for some maintenance and operative tasks.

Even though the manual interface is now easy to use and well explained, the core business of the INet portal lies in automation. To provide this service, a well-documented REST API has been deployed for Teldas’ customers and providers to use as primary access point.

Iterative Journey

  • Investigate current digital ecosystem and initiatives by interviewing stakeholders to define current expectations and constraints
  • Define the vision and the target for the current system in the next years
  • Derive a digital strategy roadmap describing quantified and actionable initiatives
  • Rank all initiative in terms of business and technical complexity, workload and impact on day-to-day operations
  • Plan several blueprint projects ensuring feasibility of each digital initiative combined with proof-of-concepts
  • Use agile refinement and planning meetings to define and prioritize increments, epics and user stories
  • Deliver and deploy the new developments and assisting our client with the testing
The migration to a fully new technology was challenging as we have many different customers ranging from international telecommunication providers, swiss sms providers, telecom providers to State bodies with various interests and roadmaps. As the modification of the interfaces implies also adaptations on our customer side, the solution to build up a fully new web- based interface in parallel to the existing old one was much appreciated. In this way, everybody can migrate at its own convenience.

Anne-Catherine CHRISTEN, Managing director


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