Raise awareness about existing skills inside the company and fortify collaboration

Given the large amount of people working for our client, a large communication, energy and transport infrastructure provider, keeping an overview of the skills contained within different departments has always been a challenge. The company wanted to create a platform where the competences of each employee but more importantly of teams and departments would be accessible in a convenient manner. The client’s internal service line “Development and Integration” developed a "Skill Directory" application . This application has been in use since 2017.

An online platform where personal skills can be recorded and shared within the company

In May 2017, Open Web Technology was given the assignment to take over the maintenance and future development of this application. This application allows client’s employees to list and edit their competences. They can also search for competences of their colleagues within the company. Team leaders get an overview of the skills they have inside their team and can validate them. Depending on their mandates, the skills required in a team may vary. The “field office” user (the superior of a team leader) may request new skills through this platform by updating the SOLL state of a teams’ skills to the required amount of specific skills. The admin may assign permissions of these different roles and may create new skills if a user would like to list a skill which is not available yet on the platform.

Iterative Journey

  • The project management material from the Swisscom team was taken over by the Open Web Technology team.
  • The development phase lasted 3 weeks and was closed with a testing phase before it was launched.
  • Once the platform was built Open Web Technology offered support and maintenance.
skill library for the entire company
weeks of development
different skills

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