Working as one team from anywhere, at any time

When working on projects, we are often at our Clients’ offices which are spread throughout Switzerland. This means we can be away from our own offices for the whole week, for several weeks in a row, thus limiting face-to-face contact with the rest of our colleagues.

In this context, we wanted to create a digital experience to help us improve our internal sharing of information as well as foster team relations whatever our location.

Building our tailor-made Employee app

We worked by the book, applying our methodology to our own internal team. We first conducted a Blueprint, interviewing employees of various roles and seniority to ensure a complete panel of users was covered. We went on designing the experience and screens, and selecting the best technology and integrations to be made with our tools. We iterated regularly with our colleagues to make sure our solution fit everyone’s needs and wishes.

We then developed the solution, a native iOS and Android mobile application integrated with our internal chatbot, ERP and directory, allowing users to:

  • Share company news and pictures with the team
  • Answer short surveys on mood and events
  • Book a room for a short meeting
  • Contact team members and plan sports activities together

Iterative journey

  • We started by interviewing a wide range of profiles to capture their needs and pains
  • We then designed and developed the most fitting solution: a native iOS and Android mobile app
  • We finally rolled-out the app internally, accompanying our colleagues in their first usage of the app while capturing feedback and ideas for improvements
Thomas Tharaud
“The employee app was the perfect launching pad to promote sports activities within OpenWT through the “Sfit” module I had envisioned”

Thomas Tharaud, Developer, Creator of the Sfit module


Months to design and roll-out


Adoption by colleagues


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