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In the context of a previous project with Swisscom, OpenWT was mandated to optimize and digitalize the sales process of Swisscom Wholesale, a Swisscom business offering Carrier Data Services, with a centralized platform for all their services. Together with Swisscom Wholesale, we built a portal that covers the entire customer journey. It allows the service provider to configure a product according to his needs.
During this project, we focused on optimizing and digitalizing the billing part of the sales process. Using the already developed portal, Swisscom wanted to provide its B2B customers a digitalized invoicing system to improve the customer journey.

Improving the invoicing system for the B2B customers

Our client mandated us to design, develop and configurate a Web Application that would be added to the existing customers portal as a new service. The web application focus on supplying our client’ B2B customers with the overview of their invoices, invoice’s details, pdf attachments and the historic of their consumption. The B2B customers could then stream all their invoices online and download all pdf attachments in a zipped file.

Optimizing the SAP cycle with a customer self-care application

Together and in collaboration with the client’ SAP team, API were created to display the invoices’ details from the pdf directly in the application. The original SAP invoice process was kept intact. We simply added a step were SAP would send the invoices details to the application. It optimized the SAP invoice delivery as the B2B customers could simply stream their invoices online.
We also developed the uploading logic in the application which permit the download to be zipped automatically if more documents are download at the same time.

Iterative Journey

The iterative journey of this project was composed of two phases: a blueprint phase when the web application was defined and designed and an agile development phase.

  • Analysis of the requirements through customers feedback and client’ team interviews
  • Design & mock-up of the wireframes and iterations
  • Specifications of the functional and technical requirements for the development of the app
  • Creation of a development roadmap in three streams: (1) the overview, (2) invoice detail and the (3) upload logic.
  • An agile development split in sprints, deliveries and continuous feedbacks

display invoices

Display and filtering of all invoices

The web application allows Swisscom B2B customers to visualize the total billing period in a graph that includes the metrics of the numbers of invoices and the amount of the invoices per month over the year. Additionally, all the invoices are displayed in a list with all main references.


Specific information of one single invoice

The web application allows Swisscom B2B customers to visualize the specific invoices details including the related attachments and the invoices specific details regrouped per months for a specific service.


Zipping downloaded attachements

The web application allows the customers to download every invoices and all related attachements in a single zip rather than each documents separately.

With the Invoices section in the Wholesale Portal, we have completed the online experience for wholesale customers. The customer quickly gets an overview of current and past invoices as well as all details. Using simple search, filtering and download functions, he can get valuable information about cost development and payment status at any time. In connection with the secure exchange of sensitive data around the invoice, the portal becomes an important platform.

David Bürgi, Head of Wholesale Billing, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG


Centralized portal for B2B customers


Available wholesale services aggregated on the portal


Digitalized customer journey

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