Realizing the need of a Digital Transformation

At the end of 2017, our client saw the urge to define a digital strategy to fight the threat of disruptive giants like Amazon moving into the market. This multi-product specialist, offering a wide range of mechanical components and technical services, saw the opportunity to progress from a catalogue-based business to a service company, helping their clients manage their industrial assets. 

Introducing digital in the manufacturing industry

We helped our client define this strategy by delivering a roadmap of digital projects, a dedicated organisation to deliver them and a governance specific to those projects. Together, we prioritized three strategic initiatives defined in the roadmap and already realized one of those three initiatives, the Customer Gateway, that gives their clients a quick access to their product knowledge and the digital workflows that they can offer.

Iterative journey

  • Inventory of existing to analyze the current digital ecosystem by interviewing stakeholders
  • Painpoints / Market evolution to gather end user’s expectation and competition analysis
  • Feasibility and ideation to classify the ideas based on the defined framework and priority
  • Roadmap / Experiment to quantify and create an actionable roadmap and define the corporate structure to support these projects


months roadmap of digital projects defined


key digital initiatives started


people part of the new digital squad

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