Update university curriculum to meet tomorrow’s challenges

Our Client, a renown swiss university, is constantly trying to improve teaching and make sure their graduates meet the market expectations. Recently, their reflection led them to the conclusion that soft skills development is neglected in the program and absent from the diploma. To address this issue, they decided to change the curriculum by decreasing the number of ex-cathedra classes by one third to give more space to soft skills development. They quickly faced a new obstacle: what tool can be used to assess and certify student’s soft skills acquisition?

Enabling student to develop and showcase all their skills from day one

The solution we advised to our Client met all needs beyond expectation including new creative streams: a centralized platform where a student can actively log all his activities and highlight his skills within an ePortfolio. The student’s page can be shared at anytime with a company as support or replacement of his CV.
Teachers are also in control to assess and certify student’s skills in line with their learning curriculum. The platform is fully integrated with the current learning management system, making its usage easy and flawless for everyone.

Strengthening the relation between the university and the students and alumnis

The solution will allow a better follow-up of students’ academic career during their scholarship at the university and bring more transparency in the teacher-students relationship for the skills assessments. Moreover the university can easily remain in contact with its alumni by accompanying them in their first professional experiences.

Gaining visibility from companies

Companies also have access to find new talents among future graduates with a dedicated competency search engine. This a great showcase for the university to highlight the hard and soft skills learned by the students. This platform will play a prominent part in the success of the new curriculum and greatly help students find a job!

Iterative Journey

  • Understand our Client’s vision and expectation by interviewing stakeholders.
  • Identify specific needs hand-to-hand with end-users
  • Formalize the functional coverage of the solution.
  • Find, assess and compare all possible solutions for a make-or-buy decision
  • Propose a roadmap with the right support to ensure a successful adoption of the platform.
Through its strong advisory experience, OpenWeb has been able to transform a kind of preformatted customer expectation into an innovative approach allowing to find a solution fitting all existing and even future requirements. OpenWT will also support the integrated implementation in the customer ecosystem and the change management to boost users adoption

Cédric Debrunner


Potential digital solution identified and explored to find the right one


Perfect solution selected covering all expectations and even more


Interfaceable with current digital landscape

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Cédric Debrunner
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