A complex tailored solution

Our client, a healthcare network, is composed of regional offices that facilitate access to medicosocial services. Over 20 years ago, a web application was developed for its collaborators and partnering institutions. It enables them to create and manage patients’ orientation requests. For patients in need of treatment and/or rehabilitation, such requests determine which medical facility to be assigned to. The tool also enables the governing bodies to oversee regional networks.

As of today, 350’000 patients’ files have been generated and over 600 healthcare workers use the WebApp. Throughout its lifetime, the platform was frequently adorned with novel features to address functional and technical requirements, as well as to accommodate the changing legal basis. To tackle efficiently those recurring challenges, our client decided to modernize its WebApp with the goal of making it more secure, ensuring a better scalability and improving the user experience.

Addressing the client’s needs

Our blueprint methodology enabled us to gain quick knowledge of the complex healthcare business. We aligned 26 stakeholders on the following points of importance:

  • Updated security: The technologies supporting the platform were outdated: data security could thus not be ensured. To address this pitfall, we proposed a WebApp redesign based on a modern architecture and technology pile.
  • Better scalability: Scalability ensures to build an application that can evolve with client needs over time. For this purpose, we advised to perform the redesign of the platform with the Agile methodology. This approach, based on short iterations, builds on preexisting functionalities and includes users’ feedback.
  • Improved user experience: The application evolved through increments that addressed specific needs, without a holistic view. Consequently, users’ navigation on the platform had become complex. The user experience is now thought anew with intuitiveness in mind.

Iterative Journey

  • Interviews to understand the application’s current use
  • Identification of stakeholders’ pain points and expectations
  • Functional and technical specifications to address users’ needs
  • Complete redesign of the WebApp with a modern look and feel
  • Feedback collection to tailor the platform’s modernization
  • Assessment of the development effort
  • Determination of strategic roadmaps


Stakeholders’ alignments on the project


Functionalities identified for modernization or implementation


Strategic roadmaps for the implementation

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