Our client, a telecommunications company providing B2B services, identified the need to improve its sales process, where most customers had to rely on e-mails to ask for an offer or create an order. As a result, the company’s sales office received numerous customer requests without standard format and often incomplete.

OpenWT was asked to design and develop a new customer portal with the objective of optimizing the complex sales process and implementing the client’s one-face-to-the-customer strategy.


Our team at OpenWT conducted the project in a three-fold approach:

1. High-level Analysis

In this phase, our team together with the client conducted an actual / target analysis and created the functionality matrix, which was critical for high-level prioritization of the outlined functional domains.

We furthermore identified and assessed possible solutions to architectural and technology stack-related questions.

2. Detailed Blueprint

Based on the outcomes of the high-level analysis, this phase served the in-depth specification of the client’s functional and technical requirements. Our team prepared and executed workshops on the details of the client’s highly complex offer and order management process.

In close cooperation with the client, the specifications and behaviors of the existing interfaces were analyzed as well. All these activities helped us deliver a user flow description, detailed use case descriptions, clickable wireframes, mock-ups, technical specification, and development plan. 

3. Agile Development 

In this phase, our team used agile methodologies to develop a new B2B portal for order and offer management.

The development plan included an extended setup and integration sprint and more than ten shorter sprints. At the end of each sprint, a new increment of the customer portal – fully functional, tested and integrated – was delivered to our client to be tested by the client’s project team and to raise valuable feedback.

However, our team did not only focus on business functionalities but also paid special attention to the security of the portal. The security was audited towards the end of the development by an external provider who gave the client and our team a very good evaluation.  



Thanks to the work of OpenWT, our client was able to re-launch its customer portal and streamline its sales process. The portal has a design that follows the client’s latest guidelines, uses state-of-the-art web technologies and complies with high-security standards.

short sprints planned
successfull security audit

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