Our client, a leader in the Telecommunication industry in Switzerland, recently launched a new platform to allow Swiss Military Personnel to order and track orders of communication systems online. 

After only a few months in production, multiple reports from clients stated that the site was unclear and navigation was difficult. 

Open Web Technology was called in to review the platform and propose clear actionable improvements and designs propositions that would increase the usability of the site and provide a better user experience.


The first target of this project was to identify all usability issues that violated best practice standards of web applications. In order to do so, multiple members of our team, including UX specialists and Consultants, conducted a test navigating through the website and identifying and documenting possible issues. These were summarized and presented to our client, with the goal of identifying possible solutions to each of them.

In a second phase, we proposed a new User Experience for the platform that would address all the issues identified, while keeping the same functionality as the existing site. This implied changes in the structure of the site, but could mostly be done by re-designing the various pages that it contained.

Our team created a series of mock-ups with the look-and-feel of new improved website, as well as a fully functional visual prototype to illustrate how navigation would be improved by the proposed changes.


In a matter of weeks, we were able to provide our client with a comprehensive usability review of their website, including clear action points that needed to be taken in order to improve its navigation and user experience.

Additionally, the visual prototype we delivered allowed our client to test the new designs with its customers and assess their appeal to the new look of the website.

This resulted in our client having all the cards in their hands to not only implement and release a new improved version of their site, but also see beyond it and consider a larger review of their whole platform in the future. 

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