Swiss companies will need financial support

In view of the economic consequences of the coronavirus, the Federal Council is offering liquidity assistance to companies in Switzerland, totaling over CHF 20 billion. This transitional credit (COVID-19 credits) makes it possible to provide unbureaucratic, targeted and rapid assistance to the affected companies. However, to this day the fast track process uses a PDF file sent by the banks and manually entered into the system. This requires a lot of manual work of data entry into the systems of the different stakeholders and is delaying the processing of the request.

We are supporting the State with a digital solution automating the handling of company credit requests.

Our client, the warranty cooperatives and the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) asked us to help them digitalise this credit request process, to make sure companies were able to get those credits as fast as possible.


In a task force team, we designed and developed a solution digitalizing the entire process. Today the companies can submit their requests directly on the easygov website via an online form. Thanks to our solution this credit request is then automatically created in the systems of warranty cooperatives and a large pool of agents can review and validate thousands of requests in a very short time without having to print any paper or calling different agencies. 




All this has been done in less than 2 weeks of very hard work! We hope that this will allow Swiss companies to get their credit very fast despite the high volume of demands, so this crisis will soon be a thing of the past.

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