Transforming the way patients interact with healthcare professionals

Swisscom Health AG is one of the leading actors in the digitalization of processes for healthcare facilities such as laboratories, hospitals, and pharmacies, but also for doctors and therapists. Currently, Swisscom Health offers a free online health record application for physicians, patients and medical institutions. The so-called “evita Gesundheitsdossier”. The application, available only for iOS and accessible via web browser for android, is due for an update and a renewed mobile version for all platforms.

Designing a new patient- and doctor-centric product.

Swisscom Health AG aspires to develop a new, patient- and doctor-centric product which connects patients with healthcare professionals. To achieve this, OpenWT was approached to conduct a blueprint to define an MVP in an iterative approach.

The application should change the way patients interact with their doctors thanks to several implemented features such as:

  • Medical and administrative onboarding.
  • Identification and authentication including insurance card scanning.
  • Medical questionnaires, wellbeing request and doctor feedback forms via conversational agent.
  • Family management to manage appointments and insurance card information for children.

In the future, the app should also enable access and management of health data of the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) for patients and their children, giving power over medical documentation to the patient, but also enable to schedule non-physical appointments (telemedicine).

Iterative journey

  • Strategy phase to understand the scope with the client.
  • Define context, personas and user journeys.
  • Conduct a blueprint to define the functional and technical specifications.
  • Analyse possible system integrations based on components’ readiness.
  • Interact and validate findings with several business and technical stakeholders as well as doctors.
  • Prioritize features based on feasibility and urgency.
  • Define the roadmap with the development estimates and planning.

2 minutes

instead of 10 minutes for the onboarding of a new patient


Paperless Onboarding


Centralized application for patients and doctors

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