Our client, a leader in the Telecommunication industry in Switzerland, wanted to rapidly enhance some of the online services they provide to their enterprise customers. Their goal was to identify a series of initiatives for which the requirement definition phase and the implementation could be done in under 4 months, a very challenging timeline in such a large organization. The range of these initiatives went from improving the usability of some of these services, to implementing analytics solutions to better understand and serve customers.


OpenWT started the project by identifying eleven potential online services where the initiatives could result in a short term gain, either in time spent by employees or in client behavior knowledge.

1. For each initiative, we defined clear goals to be reached by the end of the program and estimated the effort necessary to implement them.

2. After a steering committee approved the launch of seven of these initiatives, we clarified the precise requirements and specifications for each project. The aim was to have a clear overview of the budget necessary to implement those solutions, as well as define clearly with all stakeholders how the new user experience should be and how it would affect end-users.

3. Finally, once all requirements had been defined and the budget was allocated, we kicked-off the implementation phase with the various involved partners. OpenWT’s role was to coordinate all the actors in play to ensure the successful deployment of the initiatives by prioritizing the work, making sure deadlines were met, facilitating the communications between the business units and the developers, and testing the developed outputs


In under 4 months, our team, composed of OpenWT consultants, internal employees of our client as well as external partners, managed to successfully deploy all of the initiatives that had been agreed upon. These improvements will help our client’s teams save time to better serve their customers, as well as better understand their use of the online services they use. Furthermore, it will help our client collect valuable insight that will help them define further roadmaps of improvements for the future.

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