How to support Swisscom Broadcast and their field force staff?

Swisscom Broadcast builds, operates and maintains dedicated radio networks: radio and TV broadcasting networks as well as security and enterprise radio networks. The troubleshooting and maintenance of the technical components of those networks are cost intensive and require many field force specialists. Troubleshootings are also time-critical as outages must be kept as short as possible.

Introduction of an Augmented Reality solution

To tackle the described challenges, Swisscom Broadcast wanted to increase the polyvalence of their field force staff and give them quick access to expert knowledge. Swisscom Broadcast approached us with this plan and we jointly decided to build upon Swisscom’s existing Smart Assistance solution to design and develop an Augmented Reality solution that is customized to Swisscom Broadcast’s needs. The result of our collaboration serves the establishment of a video communication channel between a field force staff member needing support and an expert. It gives an easy access to support information, allows a systematic and efficient issue localization and troubleshooting, increases the troubleshooting success rate and reduces outage time. It furthermore improves the traceability of an intervention, relieves the experts and increases employee satisfaction.

Iterative journey

  • Executing a proof-of-concept study to elaborate and validate two different use cases, including the setup, configuration and joint testing of the existing solution
  • Formulating a recommendation on which use case should be continued
  • Facilitating a workshop to elicit the client’s requirements that go beyond the existing solution
  • Performing further blueprint activities to translate those requirements into user stories, a prioritized functionality matrix and a test concept
  • Using an agile development methodology to adapt the existing solution in no more than two weeks
  • Performing end-to-end testing with the client to validate the adaptations and overall solution
anton poschung
“The SBC Smart Assistance solution takes expert knowledge to the right place at any time. It allows the quick and definite analysis of a field situation, an efficient troubleshooting and the supervision of conversion works. The client benefits from a quick troubleshooting and hence from a reduced outage time of his system.”

Anton Poschung, Head of Region Central, Swisscom Broadcast AG


Validated use cases


Implemented use case


Field force users

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