How to support medical staff of Swiss Medical Network clinics?

Over the past years, OpenWT has helped a leading group of Swiss private clinics go digital. Indeed, to reduce paper usage and improve time spent with patients, we provided and implemented an app to digitalise invoicing process. The app allows the medical staff to register all administered cares within care units and surgical units. The app has been rolled out in clinics within the past year and a half. Despite intensive training and assistance on a portal, the first experiences have shown that the staff wants a quick and easy way to get help with their questions in the app. But how can this best be realized in an app?

A chatbot instead of help pages

We decided to fill the gap by enhancing the app with an integrated chatbot, powered by DialogFlow AI using natural language processing, whose goal was to provide user support to medical staff when using the app. The interface is user-friendly, users can now directly discuss with the chatbot, in French, German and Italian, and solve many basic issues before getting redirected to support.

Iterative journey

  • Close collaboration between the Client and OpenWT to define the scenarios and content
  • Agile methodology with sprint plannings implementation
  • Interactive prototypes deliveries to the client at the end of each sprint
  • Fast delivery and adoption of a proof of concept


As many predefined scenarios have been identified based on the existing support portal, the user simply follows the questions asked by the chatbot leading to a known answer. A key learning of this small project was that a chatbot is a perfect user interface to provide support to end users. For most of the question asked by users the answer was available in clients intranet or in the help section of the App but nobody went ever they looking for answers.

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