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Whether you run a medium or large, private or public organization, our business and IT automation services provide your organization with proven technologies and expert consulting services that increase process efficiency, accuracy and control, resulting in increased profitability and overall savings for your organization.

What is business automation?

With business automation we aim to apply technology in order to perform repetitive tasks and thus make a shift into a process-driven approach that supports an organization in increasing the capacity for business innovations. Business automation is applicable in areas where tasks involve a sequenced order of steps to be performed.

Business automation contains varying degrees of complexity. Starting with basic automation, which enables the automation of simple and rudimentary tasks. Process automation builds on top of that and includes a predefined order and orchestration of the tasks for uniformity and transparency. With advanced automation, the human and machine/computer tasks across multiple systems can be merged and synchronized. Lastly, intelligent automation uses AI to enable machine decision-making on situation analysis.

6 business activities that can be automated



  • Capital expenditure requests
  • Approvals of expenditures
  • Salary / wage changes

Sales & purchasing

  • Product prices and discounts
  • Approvals of offers
  • General procurement
  • Supplier management
  • Invoice approvals


  • Legal holds
  • Contract reviews
  • Customer receipt


  • Resource planning
  • Office moves
  • Relocation requests
  • Access to the facility

Human resources

  • Benefits changes
  • Timesheets
  • New hire management
  • Employee onboarding
  • Employee offboarding
  • Vacation requests


  • Supplier onboarding
  • Maintenance
  • Management of bill of material
  • Logistics tracking
  • Raw material inventory

What is IT automation?

IT automation improves IT efficiency and enables the digital transformation of IT organizations. As IT organizations become more complex, workload optimization is critical. IT automation is particularly suitable for processes that are self-contained, well documented and - if performed manually - time-consuming.

Domains of IT automation

  • Applications
  • Containers
  • Cloud
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Network
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Your automation journey with us

We apply a proven approach to support our clients in their automation journey which is based on four pillars:

Roadmap of initiatives

Create a list of automation projects, derive a roadmap that prioritizes the identified projects and define KPIs and objectives to measure impacts.

Organization and governance

Define the needed skills and organization and setup a set of guidelines and rules as well as an orchestration team to drive the implementation.


Apply an agile and iterative approach with small increments that allows validating each deliverable.

Modular service offering

Select between modules such as Frontend Layer; Service Orchestration; Automatization & Integration; Logging, Metering & Monitoring; CI/CD & Repository as well as Artificial Intelligence to see your needs covered. Benefit from our partner network to get access to additional modules.
Swisscom Capability Management is responsible for developing capabilities to foster lean and modular processes within our organization. At Swisscom Business Accelerators we are supporting this vision by focussing on what provides the most immediate value. OpenWT has been able to support us in reaching our goals with their structured approach, great expertise, and consistently constructive collaboration.

Urs Vonmont, Head Business Accelerators

4 Opportunities enabled through automation



Fast execution of processes without manual steps


Reduced human error (like misconfiguration) reduces downtime


Business can scale up with unified set of practices and tools


Employees can refocus their efforts towards other tasks

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